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Product Quality

Product Quality & Halal Integrity

At Simply Halal we are committed to providing the finest Halal meat & meat products to you and your customers and with our experience it enables us to understand your requirements.


At Simply Halal there is No compromise, their is No Cross Contamination, all our products are 100% Stun Free Halal.


All our Beef, Lamb & Calves are processed on site in Simply Halal’s own abattoir with all carcasses inspected, stamped & labelled Halal by HMC Inspectors.  


With our up to date technology and comprehensive traceability system you can be sure our products will reach you at the highest standard of food safety.


Simply Halal offers a large portfolio of meat and meat products which together with our reputation within the Muslim Consumer plays an important role in keeping our product quality and standards to the level our customers demand.